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Easybreathe is one of the leading brand in the Europe, having been at the fore front of developing snore relief products for over 10 years. Our product development team is working really hard for longer period of time to ensure the best quality product. Its clinically proven by scientists that Easybreathe nasal strips, Easybreathe Anti snore chin strap and Easybreathe Anti Snoring mouth guard helps to breathe better and sleep better by gently opens nasal passage.

If you are feeling any of the below
  • Are you or your family members affected by snoring or nasal congestions?
  • Is stuffiness caused by cold and allergies keeping you awake at night?
  • Is your snoring keeping your partner awake at night?
  • is your partners snoring keeping you awake at night?
  • Do you want to help someone stop snoring and troubled sleep?
  • Tired of not getting a good Night sleep because of nasal blockage?
  • Want to feel confident and relaxed while going away?
  • Deprived of sleep, feeling tired during the day?

Then we got solution for you
  • Easy Breathe Nasal Strips
  • Anti Snore chin strap
  • Anti Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

Direction for use

Easybreathe nasal strips gently opens nasal passage to breathe better, relieve nasal congestion and reduce snoring. It open your nose to help you breathe easily by providing relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness which can be caused by colds and allergies. By allowing easier breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. Easybreathe nasal strips may help to reduce or even eliminate snoring.
It really easy to apply. Just follow the four easy steps.

Wipe your nose and dry to ensure the strip sticks firmly.


Peel the liners and place the strip on your nose.


Press down both the ends firmly.


Remove the strips while washing your face or bath.


Water can make it very easy to remove. Dont remove it directly as it may damage your skin.

Snoring occurs when there is a vibration of your soft palate (the back part of the roof of your mouth). A number of factors cause this. The muscles supporting the opening of the upper airway in the back of the throat relax during sleep. Extra tissue in the palate and uvula, the fleshy piece between the tonsils-vibrates with each breath, and these vibrations actually cause the sound of snoring. In some people, the airway has a tendency to close at any point. Narrowing of the airway will cause turbulence and the noises of snoring. Now more and more people especially male part, this hurt us a lot, like always feel tired after sleep, can not focus on working, even bring crisis for family life, anyway its not good for us. Easy Breathe Jaw Strap help reducing the snore and help having restful night sleep makes you fresh in the morning.

Easy Breathe Stop Snoring Jaw belt has been clinically proven to prevent snoring and increase REM sleep in patients. Providing you better overall health and the best night sleep in years. EasyBreathe Strap technology is a registered trade mark and has also patented the technology to ensure the best quality product to the customers. EasyBreathe Silk is special silk for our product, so please be aware of cheap product with unhealthy material which may affect your health. Its recommended to wash first time before start using. Our risk free 30 day money back guarantee makes this an easy solution to your snoring problems.!!! EasyBreathe Jaw Strap is nominated as best anti snoring device in the UK.

How it works?
How Chin Straps Work When you wear a chin strap before sleeping, it acts like a sling that serves to hold your jaw firmly in place. Thanks to this, the mouth stays closed and this forward position of the jaw reduces the risk of the tongue and throat tissues falling back to block the airways. The end result - there is no snoring. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and are advised to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, your doctor may ask you to also use a chin strap. CPAP therapy forces air into your throat through a mask and the pressure of the air flowing in helps to keep the airways open. If you are the type who sleeps with the mouth open, this can prove counterproductive - the air entering your throat through the mask escapes out of the mouth and does not perform the intended function of keeping the airways open. This can actually worsen the sleep apnea and therefore, doctors advise sleep apnea patients who sleep with the mouth open to use a chin strap in combination with CPAP therapy.

How Stop Snoring Solution Works

Easy Breathe Mouthpiece With Anti-Bacterial Case & Plastic Fitting Spatula. Anti Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard, Effectively Prevents Snoring, Heavy Breathing TMJ, Bruxism. NHS Approved and Recommended.

Snoring is almost always caused by a restricted airflow at the back of the throat. This happens when the jaw (and attached tongue, which is much larger than just the part we see) falls to the back of the mouth, so air has to be forced between the tongue and the back of the throat. This makes the throat vibrate loudly - causing snoring.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea is when the airflow is so restricted the throat completely closes, stopping breathing. This triggers a choke reflex to clear the airway, disrupting sleep. Snoring and sleep apnea happen when asleep because the jaw muscles go slack, so the jaw (and the attached tongue) fall back, narrowing the airway.
This effect is made worse by lying on your back, causing the jaw to fall back more. Snoring is also worse when overweight, or relaxed after a drink or two.

How it works?
The EasyBreathe Mouth Piece is worn at night, like a small soft flexible gum shield. It holds the jaw slightly forwards, preventing the jaw and tongue from falling back, to keep the airway open and stop snoring.

The Easy Breathe Mouth Piece allows normal breathing and the mouth to open and close naturally while sleeping.


Without Easy Breathe Mouth Piece


With Easy Breathe Mouth Piece

To use, simply follow the instruction on the leaflet before use.
The moulded upper and lower trays fit over the teeth and the hinged Easy Breathe mouth piece allows full movement while preventing the jaw from falling back while asleep, even if lying on your back.
Apart from a few days of adjustment when first used, Easy Breathe Mouth piece is probably the most comfortable practical solution you will ever find. From the first time used, you and your partner will get the huge benefits of a good night's sleep together. Even the snorer gets a better sleep, as the snoring can often disturb their own sleep!
Comfort is probably the biggest concern that a new user has and the idea of having something in your mouth for a whole night is disconcerting.

Easybreathe PRODUCTS

Our range of Products with multiple sizes will help you to eradicate your sleeping disturnance and make daily life smoother. Available for all adults male or female. Choose your best fit size to your night peaceful.

Easy Breathe Nasal Strips
Easy Breathe
  • 100% Drug free
  • Opens nasal passage
  • Reduce snoring
  • Solution to sound sleep
  • Featured on TV medical show
Easy Breathe Anti Snore chin strap
Easy Breathe
  • FDA approved and CE registered
  • Clinically tested
  • Scientifically proved
  • Branded healthy Fabric material
  • NHS recommended
Mouthpiece With Anti-Bacterial Case
Easy Breathe
  • FDA approved and CE registered
  • Treat Teeth Grinding
  • Treat Bruxism
  • Treat Heavy Breathing and TMJ
  • Treat Sleep Apnea

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